Steve Reich's Vermont Counterpoint was composed for 1 live flute and 11 tracks of prerecorded flutes, alto flutes, and piccolo. This visual score is a display of the piece's complex structure. It was originally presented with flutist Jessica Peek Sherwood with Sonic Generator on March 26th, 2007.

Each of the three groups of colored dots represent, from left to right, the three piccolo, the three flutes, and the three alto flutes. The larger blue dot represents the live part as it participates in the counterpoint. The three rings represent the canons played by the three main groups of instruments, and each loop on the rings represent one note. The height, openness, and width of the loops are determined by their volume, pitch, and duration. I worked from the score to describe the canons and how each instrument adheres to them.

The video here is from a performance on May 2, 2007 at Georgia Tech's Digital Media department Demo Day. I am grateful to Jason Freeman, Jessica Peek Sherwood, Sara Hornbacher, Chris Moore, Travis Thatcher, John Rhoads, Al Matthews, and Monica Duncan for their roles in this project.