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A Google Earth map of the champion trees in Atlanta according to Trees Atlanta.
An animation of the mathematics behind the patterns used in Medieval Islamic architecture, based on the research of Peter Lu.
Online game simulating the formation of the moon as part of a NASA-funded educational study.
An interactive map that shows the connectedness of the Governorís School campus.

For my Simulation of Biological Systems class, I studied cellular automata that are used to model plant populations.

Dotbots are little creatures that you can mutate to move in different ways.
A network diagram where websites are represented as lines and links are represented as points where those lines intersect, like a subway map.
A clock that destroys an image as time passes.

Another installation by John Warren, created by connecting sets of points with monofilament.

Collaboration with John Warren. A permanent wall installation at the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities.

A sculpture consisting of two perforated metal panels and a continuous line of sewing thread woven between them.