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Complex, computer-generated crochet patterns inspired by acoustics.
A video piece for Belinda Reynolds's "Between You and Me...", performed with Sonic Generator.
Three poster designs for Sonic Generator, the contemporary chamber music ensemble-in-residence at Georgia Tech.
Collaboration with Sonic Generator to create an animation for Steve Reich's Vermont Counterpoint.

For my Simulation of Biological Systems class, I studied cellular automata that are used to model plant populations.

A proposed public installation that responds to the amazing acoustics already present in its site.

A Google Map that logs acoustically interesting places all over the world.

Speech synthesis is usually about converting text to speech, but what if you approached it differently?

A study created to model the incredible echoes found under a bridge in downtown Greenville, South Carolina.

I wanted a way to visualize the way sounds bounce off of walls. I developed a research tool to help me understand the way rooms sound.

My roommate and I went to a hallway and found the resonant tones of the space with an experiment. Then I composed a video with the tones we found.

A little experiment that allows you to draw sound waveforms that aren't stuck to a timeline