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Car Stereo iPod Input Hack

Update #2 · May 14, 2007 by Matt Gilbert

Someone wrote me with some safety concerns everyone should know about. I don't know if any of this is true, but better be cautious, I suppose. I've copied his email here:
"I have a 2002 Toyota Corolla, so I know there is an airbag sensor just inside and to the right of the radio (it should be yellow). If you accidentally touch it or jiggle it, there is a VERY high chance the airbags will deploy likely killing you if your face is right there or at least breaking your arm.
"To deactivate the airbags in a Corolla, you first get in the car while it is just sitting there, put the key in, turn the wheels straight, turn the key to the Lock position, pop the hood, remove the negative battery cable by loosening the bolt with an adjustable wrench, and place it to the side where it doesn't touch any metal. After that you MUST wait 2 minutes or more for the capacitor to lose its charge or the airbags could still deploy (I actually recommend 5 minutes or so, go clean your windows or something while waiting). After that, you should be able to do most things without deploying the airbags. I wouldn't ever touch ANYTHING bright yellow under your dash unless you are very careful. There are several airbag sensors around the car, I don't know the exact location of all of them, but on a Corolla like our's there is one just to the right of the radio, one behind the glove compartment, one between the front seats somewhere, possibly one on the driver's side of the dash, and several on the outside of the car around the front and rear bumpers. You should make sure to disable the airbags when working on just about anything, it is better to be safe than sorry or dead.
"Oh, and for those who have anti-theft radios, they need to know the code to unlock their radio before detaching the negative battery cable or their radio with be locked and not able to function until the code is entered. If that happens, the person would need to take the car to the dealership to get it unlocked most likely."
  1. Smart.

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