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Car Stereo iPod Input Hack

Update · May 14, 2007 by Matt Gilbert

Here's an update with just a few details.
First off, the toggle switch you'll need is a "4PDT" switch, or anything with the same spec with a number greater than 4.
The impedence concerns of one poster seem to be nothing to worry about, according to everyone I've talked to who has anything to say about it. The seperate CD player seems to pass a signal at line level, and that seems to be what the head unit expects. However, I'm not sure if I made this clear before, but this is a first time thing for me, so do it at your own risk.
If you're looking to do this on a system with a different set-up, this hackaday post will help you sort out a strategy.
  1. I have a Sony Xplod CDX-CA650x. It’s a CD player built into the head unit, but it all comes apart sorta like yours does when you unbolt and unhinge the whole thing. I’ve found the left and right pos and neg pins that input from the CD drive to the unit itself. These are the points I believe to be the line ins. So if I tied into those lines, some lines from my iPod and just played a custom made blank CDr (meaning digital nothing, not just a blank CDr), I wouldn’t have to make switch at all right? In therory?

    Blake · Jul 14, 01:47 AM · #

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