Matt Gilbert

Treescrapers Map

Using data from the Trees Atlanta list of Champion Trees 2005, this Google Earth file exaggerates their measurements and proportions (diameter at (human) breast-height and height of the tree) so they all can be viewed and browsed at once.
Here's the Google Earth file.

Eli Dickerson and I have begun a forest mapping project, mapping the old growth Fernbank Forest here in Atlanta, as well as forests throughout Atlanta. This file was based on data from Trees Atlanta, but we're currently collecting data ourselves, finding and measuring big trees throughout Atlanta. Eli manages UrbanWatch, an education and forest restoration program at Fernbank Museum. We hope the maps to come will raise awareness of the valuable old-growth forests throughout Atlanta, as well as help strategize restoration efforts.

Technical details

Each tree location was found in Google Earth based on the address provided by Trees Atlanta. Then that Google Earth file was used to generate the clyinders using a Processing program. Here's the source.