Matt Gilbert

Web Graph


Once the first "site" loads, click on any of the links (points along the circle) to load other pages. Press UP or DOWN to zoom in or out. Click and drag to reposition the whole map. Press "s" to toggle spreading, which makes the sites try to spread away from each other.
"> To view this content, you need to install Java from

This is really just a simple formal idea that I've been wanting to try out for a while.

Often, to diagram a network like the web, you draw nodes as points and links as lines connecting those points. I was wondering what would happen if you switched that around and had websites represented as lines and links as points where those lines intersect.

The program starts with one site (, and all the links on that page. As you click these links, those sites are loaded with their links. Often sites will link back together. ( is good for this since a lot of the artists are linked through collaboration or by having work in several different media.)

I wanted this to look a bit like a subway map, where a site is a subway line and a link is a stop on that line that connects to another line.

The colors are generated so that they will have the greatest contrast within a certain range, like a subway map. As you might expect, this doesn't work as well when you have a bunch of sites and you get more sites that are almost the same color.

The order of the links on a site isn't fixed. The path is sometimes reordered to make the path as short as possible.